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Encouraging and equipping leaders

...and those who follow them

Envisage Helps Your Company

Maximize its performance


Identify and resolve internal problems that block business success

Develop engaged and productive employees

Build more effective leaders to drive results

3 Steps to Success


Conduct a company analysis


Implement clear strategic steps


Manage the process and measure your success

Your company needs

to run better

Many companies suffer from underperforming teams and overwhelming performance issues.

It does not need to be this way.  

Envisage helps leaders quickly identify key issues that hold their companies back and take action to break through.

With Envisage

dysfunctional cultures are transformed,

disengaged employees are energized and aligned,

frustrated executives are empowered to lead for results.

Envisage helps your company soar to new heights

Your company is unique…

So is our process

We work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s challenges and opportunities.  With support from Envisage, the steps to future growth and success will be made clear. We will be at your side, encouraging and equipping you to lead a revitalized organization with confidence and enthusiasm.

What Our Clients Are Saying

As the CFO for cCARE, I worked with Envisage for three years.  Bruce Hinman consulted with our company, working closely with our leadership group and management staff in San Diego and Fresno.  His skills in leadership development, conflict resolution, strategic planning, one-on-one coaching and team development helped us tremendously as cCARE grew rapidly and encountered a number of challenges.

The Envisage team coached approximately 15 of our managers and executives one-on-one for several years. Joe Holloway coached our leaders in their Strengths, equipping us to better understand each other’s unique abilities and improve our communication and collaboration. Bruce challenged and encouraged us to grow as leaders and helped us problem-solve in a wide range of areas. Their encouraging yet gently challenging approach equipped our people to handle increasing responsibilities and to grow as individual leaders in the company. Their work with the executive group and manager groups in both locations increased our internal collaboration and made us more effective in problem solving and communicating.  Envisage helped cCARE identify operations issues and develop resolutions to move us forward. Bruce is insightful and analytical, able to sort through multiple factors to key in on the primary issues and strategies to move a company forward.

On several occasions, Bruce worked diligently to facilitate conflict resolution among executives and/or managers. Through Envisage, we were able to mediate the conflict resolution process in a way that helped each party own their issues and reach common ground.  The approach of Envisage builds people’s confidence while leading them to address self-limiting attitudes and behaviors.

I strongly endorse Envisage as consultants for your company.

Steven Quayle
CFO, cCare, Inc (fmr)

Envisage has had a powerful and positive impact on our firm. Bruce Hinman coached us through a strategic planning process from inception to implementation that has delivered the intended results.

Envisage helped us clarify strategic priorities and develop clear and achievable goals to move the firm forward. With his insight and expertise Bruce led us to create buy-in and enthusiasm for the future among all staff while building trust and improving communication. Bruce and Joe Holloway helped us develop and maintain a culture that is focused on improving leadership skills and developing more leaders throughout the company with a shared vision, thereby accelerating growth. Bruce and Joe are extremely collaborative which allows for open and honest dialogue about what works and what doesn’t. They model ethical leadership in all of their communications which has earned the trust and respect of our leadership team which then allows them to speak wisdom into the challenges that we face. Bruce is well versed in leadership theory but brings a practical approach that does not overwhelm but instead facilitates implementation. Joe’s expertise as a Strengths Coach has been vital in developing the skills and buy-in of all staff, and has helped our leadership team improve communication and collaboration.

Fausto Hinojosa, CPA, CFE
Managing Partner | Audit Principal, Price Paige and Company

As a third-generation business, we are continually looking forward and realize the importance of adequately preparing the next generation. In pursuing this, we recognized the benefits that Joe Holloway, Senior Associate at Envisage LLC, could offer the current and future management teams within our organization. Joe brought his knowledge and skills to our managers, supervisors and administrative teams. Each participant took part in an assessment which detailed their individual strengths. Through this assessment each person discovered what they naturally do best and how to apply their strengths every day in and outside of work. Each team member shared their results which led to great communication and understanding with each other. We now know what the other does best. In addition, knowing these results and utilizing our individual strengths, allowed for more effective teams and improved teamwork. Joe worked with each person in our management team by conducting one on one discussions which helped to bring clarity and understanding to each person’s unique talents and strengths, and how to implement this information in their day to day lives to maximize their opportunities for success. I highly recommend Joe Holloway and Envisage LLC to businesses as a motivating, positive and unique way to equip and encourage their management teams to be effective, influential leaders.

Richard Gilton
President/CEO, Gilton Inc.

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